I Didn’t Realize This, Until I Tried to Peak at Them

“What are your symptoms?” The form asked me.

“Soreness, Sadness, and Stress,” I wrote, feeling proud of myself for being this succinct, using words with all S’s. Such a poet!

Hiroki looked over my pages, and began a conversation with me.

But before I go there, I would like to…

Those Innocent Days

When I was six, we’d play pioneers — my brother and sister and I. Scott was 10 and Sheri was 9. They played the dad and mom, because they were older. I was the kid, which was fun. I could be more care-free, and not have to worry about things…

About Me, Anita

I am the sunshine on my shoulders.

I am my own best friend and my own worst enemy. I am getting better at being more of the former.

I am 45 years old and I live in Bend, Oregon. I hope to live somewhere warmer someday. I…

you were a fat mormon.

i was a thin jew.

i taught you how to skip the bread. eat vegetables and protein instead.

you got thin.

you taught me how to trust the ready arms you threw around me.

i snuggled in.

over time, i got antsy.

you were serious.

I Couldn’t Help It

Had a can of worms in my pocket. It started getting warm, wiggly, antsy. It had been eight months. I wanted to open it. To let the love out.

But the worms — the worms — I was worried about them.

Yet my heart said, “You…

Even dawn begins before it’s beginning.

from The White Lion by Claudia Rankine in The 1619 Project.

I have always hoped that something was happening for me, beyond me. A…

Because I Have These Five Things.

Alcohol, Vyvanse, Netflix, Vegetables, and my Cat.

It’s true. If I didn’t have them, I’d be in deep trouble.

I went through a hard-ass break up this last year. I’m grieving. It’s hard to be alone. I want someone.

These five things help.

1. Alcohol

Be careful with this one. If you use it too much, it will make…

Dr. Anita

I wish I was famous but I’m not. Here’s what’s on my mind. Thank you for reading

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